28 April 2007

Busy morning

Just wanted to share the first, preliminary mock-up of the sampler-quilt.
It now awaits the arrival of the sashing-fabric. All blocks will be sashed with dark blue and red corner-stones.
Once that is done, a couple of days will pass as I move blocks around, and get the right distribution.

BUT, there's still plenty of hand-work left on the QD to take me through until the sashing-fabric arrives. Maybe it will even take me through the period of determination on the sampler :-)

And it is a kick-donkey quilt, right ?
Right :-)

1 comment:

martha said...

OOOOOOOO it is so cool!! I can hardly contain myself-and the Diamonds!!!there are no words! Tilde it is splenderiferous, and terrifacular! I am working all day today but tonorrow I will do more on mine . I will skip throughh my day today!!