24 April 2007

Late April update

OK, been a while since I wrote, but I like having pictures on this blog, and frankly, none were taken.
Some are now :-) And right here I give you :
The little Pink Thing.
All finished.
Draped over the fence, under the (almost) blossoming pear-tree.
Could it possibly be more romantic ? ... well... yes .. the cars in the background could be gone, but still ...
Looks good to me :-)

And today I finally got my order from the German shop.
No Chuck Nohara book, though, and I'm a bit miffed about that. She could have let me know it was not available when she first processed my order. It's not as if I didn't submit my e-mail along with the order. Had she done so, I wouldn't have gotten all exited about getting it, only to be let down.

BUT, the two books by Yoko Saito were there.
So here's a picture of my most recent, non-Danish quilt-books acquisitions. Some were gifts (thank you), some were bought. All are wonderful. Elly Sienkiewitz, Karen Stone and 3 japanese books.
There's plenty of inspiration in there to either get me in or keep me out of trouble. Guess it all depends on how you define "trouble" :-)
These books (and a couple more in Danish), should keep me off street-corners for a wee while :-) ... once I have finished the tops I have going. (and thank you, yes, they are moving along nicely)

Guess that was it for today ... oh, no, one more picture :-)
This is our third cat. One you haven't seen on this blog before. She's a very shy lady, but she is a cat, so she likes quilts too.

We've had her for a little more than 4 years now, and this week-end was the first time EVER she jumped up on DHs lap and laid down to just cuddle.
She has never, ever done that before.
But then, she comes from a shelter, and you never know what rescued pets have been subject to before you got them.
Still .... year by year, teeny tiny step by step, she's becoming more of a pet and less of a bunch of part-agressive, part-panicky nerves.
She's still very vary of hands close to her face ... unless they hold good food (in which case she is completely fearless), but you can nuzzle her and talk to her, and she'll even come when you call ... occasionally :-)

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