26 April 2007

Ideas on how to not start new things ....

OK. Martha. Challenge taken :-)
Only ... I'm at the point where "A Project" is already sending out lots and lots of tempting lures. So here's my list, and it's not just 10 :-)
Tactics for not starting a new project :
  1. Don't browse your shelves
  2. Don't browse the on-line shops
  3. Grit your teeth.
  4. Finish something else
  5. Pick up something, that you have already started.
  6. Tell yourself that that "something" is as wonderful as that which you want to start (you might have to be quite strict and insistent with this one)
  7. Look at the projects you already have in the house that are ready to roll (PIGs)
  8. Start fondling your PIGs
  9. Make a deal with yourself on when you may start "anything at all"
  10. Keep the deal by not starting before that.
  11. Make the deal keep-able and not along the lines of "when I have finished 20 UFOs" ... Making demands like that of you is not a deal, but a deal-breaker :-)
  12. Know there will still be wonderful projects (and fabrics) out there next week
  13. It is possible, bordering on probable, that there will be wonderful projects (and fabrics) out there next year
  14. The production of cotton has not stopped yet, and there's no signs that it will within a foreseeable future
  15. The production of gorgeous patterns seems to increase, year by year
  16. If you don't already have it, get the pattern / book on the clear understanding that you have to wait another 3 months before you start browsing for fabric.
  17. If you're at the "Browsing for fabric" stage, start by only shopping on your own shelves. Then put pattern (or book) and the fabric you have "bought" together, and put them in a bag. They are now officially a PIG, and therefore not nearly as exiting as you thought. (Check it out 3 months from "now" and see if it still shouts, or if it has subsided to a slight whimper)
  18. Don't cut everything for a whole quilt the day (or week) where fancy grabs you and directs you to "try this out". If you're dreaming of making a quilt with many blocks (same or all different), make a block or two for BOB without expecting of yourself that you make the entire thing. You might not love it the way you thought you would, once you actually work on it. This is known as making test-blocks :-)
  19. Finish your test-blocks as coasters, potholders or whatever, so that you have a small finish of the thing you're dreaming about, but FINISH something from it :-)
  20. Finish an old project, same size as the one you want to start.
  21. Grit your teeth.
Yes. I know. # 3 and 21 are the same, but really, they would be all the odd (or all the even) items on this list, if it was to be a true description of how I feel about not starting a new project the minute fancy grabs me :-)

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