10 April 2007

Quilted soon to be bound ....

The little pink thing is home from the quilter.
And my dears, I kid you not, it is drop dead gorgeously quilted.
If I had a machine-quilter like that close by, believe me, I would never EVER hand-quilt again in my life (probably). Every choice she has made is good.
I am a very, very happy customer :-)
Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

I have laid it out flat, so that the transportation-creases can ease out a bit before I start measuring for the binding ... and so that I can enjoy the sight of it :-)

Next update on this one will be when it is finished ... which should be possible within the next week or two :-)


Jane Weston said...

Wow...it's gorgeous! I can see why you are a very happy customer!

Hanne said...

The quilt is gorgeous Tilde! May I ask who has quilted it? Cathy F. ?