28 April 2007

The centre is finished

I give you the centre of the QD-quilt.
Not a mock-up, the real deal :-) with no white design-wall batting showing through.

It almost feels like a finish.
Only ... it isn't.

Which is why I need to keep my focus, and get the borders ready to roll today. If I don't, I fear that I'll drop out of my habit of sitting on the couch in the evening, with a partial quilt-top wrapped around me, hand-sewing blocks and sashings together.

But I have incentive to keep at it :-) Remember the books I got ? They are calling my name. Loud and clear. So, that's my incentive :-)
Get the borders on this one, and then you can fool around with new fabrics and (at least) one new (small) project from one of the new books that have lately expanded your collection :-)

That will be great :-)

1 comment:

martha said...

This. is . stunning.
How beautiful, Tilde. It really does vibrate with amazing energy..