13 March 2007

March progress

Yes. We have progress in Copenhagen this March :-)

DD's quilt now has it's centre in one piece and has straight edges.

It does look a bit wobbly at the edges, but that is due to not being ironed fully yet ... and the fact, that whereas each block presses easily and prettily, the setting messes things up, so every other seam (or so) has to be "turned" in the middle, if the points meeting has to lie flat.

Oh, well.

A certain amount of creative "violence" with a good, and judiciously used steam-iron will take care of that :-)

It now needs to become a proper rectangle, and will ... probably (hopefully) some time during the coming week-end.
I'll keep you posted :-)


Hanne said...

Absolutely lovely Tilde :-)

Elaine Adair said...

My word - I am impressed! What an amazing project - you are highly skilled. Thanks for the visit.