09 March 2007

Friday evening hello

Well, I'm still on planet earth ... sort of :-) but fairly busy with working. Got myself another part-time job, so that's two of them now. Should make for a full job, but ... the reality is, that it's more than that, so ... much work and little sewing.
And since I haven't got any major progress on any of my big projects (yet, but it will be there, and you will be informed, never fret), I thought I would entertain you with pictures of two of my cats.
The black gentleman is our alpha "male" (brackets because he is, technically, only able to become an uncle, seeing that he was neutralized before turning "really" male), Pushkin, named for the russian poet, AND because he is a puss :-) not quite in boots but still ... he is also the tail-less one.
The grey and white lady is my baby-cat (or Christmas-cat) who was rescued on December 23rd, 2003. She had been found, hungry and scared, and barely more than 8-10 weeks old, in a summer-cottage area, and the vet felt she had to be put away.
I couldn't let that happen, so it didn't :-)
Her name is Josephine, because the television advent-calender that year had a female (girl) lead by that name.
And that was that.
Updates on sewing and life will follow ...
... eventually :-)
Have a lovely week-end.

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