18 March 2007

A March almost finish

And here it is
The finished top for DD's quilt. The hands you see at each side of the top belongs to DH :-)
And yes, when seen through the lense of a camera, it isn't too bland. Nothing that a 1" binding with colours same as the quilt will not fix.
So that's one (almost) down.

It will stay on my WIP-list until it - eventually - comes home from a LongArm quilter, and have the binding on. In my book, a project is not finished until it is :
Ready to gift-wrap :-)

But it's a great feeling to have it be a finished Top. And in less than 4 months too ! First block was started on November 30th 2006, so ... it is possible to finish a twin-size top in less than a year ... and it is all hand-work :-)
It has now moved away from it's priority-project position, and the QD has moved into that particular slot.


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Jeanne said...

I'm running out of adjectives for all of the beautiful quilts shown in the blogs. This one is stunning, breathtaking, and absolutely stitched with perfection. Your DD is truly blessed to be the recipient.

Maria said...

That´s a wonderful quilt page, The quilt for DD is super, worth having spent so much time to finish. Congratulations!