24 March 2007

Falling off the wagon

Many things can be said about me. And I don't doubt that many things are :-)
What cannot be said is, that I can't do things in the grand manner :-)
Like falling off the fabric-diet wagon.

Well, the story is long, but to cut it short : DH was going to a meeting at a place very close to the best quilt-shop in this country (which is in the middle of nowhere). I need bacing for the QD-quilt, and the fabric for that particular quilt was bought at that shop. I wanted him to go there and see if they had more of the butterfly fabric that is used in some of the blocks. (sorry, no pictures, DH has taken MY camera to HIS job and have not taken it back home with him).
To see if it is at all possible, I go on-line to check their opening hours, and find out that ....
AND they have a half-prize sale, starting Monday of this week.
DHs meeting is Tuesday.
I don't have a schedule for Tuesday.

As Oscar Wilde said : I can resist anything but temptation.

So, after a bit of fidgeting, and a good deal more of feeling bad for not keeping my promises to myself, I went. DHs parting shot as he set me down at the shop was "And I won't hear one single whine about how much money you spent. Either you get it and enjoy it, or you don't get it, but don't moan about what you spend."

So ... I got it :-) Yes. You may say that. I definitely got it :-)
And what I got ?
All the sensible things, naturally :-)

Backing for DD's quilt. (Oh, mom, that's HOT)
Backing for the QD quilt. (Green, and I had planned brown or sand-coloured)
Dark-blue Fossil-fern for Back-ground for a collection of Rawkos-fabric from New Zealand
2 spools of hand-piecing thread
2 spools of machine-thread
A new 15" ruler (yes !! DD broke the old one a while back)
A new 6" ruler (yes !! the one I had was worn out)

Wasn't I being the sensible one ?

I didn't stay sensible :-) because wishes and dreams and the general headiness of being in a very well-stocked quilt-shop with a half-prize sale got me, and then I got :
4 Danish books
1 Japanese book
16 cuts of daiwabo-fabric (japanese taupes, you can see the general style here )
8 cuts of batiks.

NEVER let it be said that I fall lightly when I fall :-)

Apart from a lingering feeling of ... slight dismay about not keeping the diet, I am happy with my buys, and I am back on the wagon again :-) Somewhat bruised from the tumble, but ... happy :-)

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Mary Ann said...

Hi, Tilde, greetings from Holbaek and congratulations on your purchases! I've been resisting (with very much difficulty!) visiting this shop, but who knows, there's still a bit of time left, right?! Take care!