23 February 2007


As you might have seen on the right side, in the margin of this block, I have a list of projects. My Name and Claim-list.
One of the projects is a priority-project :-)
I have a priority-project, because it facilitates my getting things done. When I start to get "iffy" and need to ply needle-and-thread, it can be something of a steeple-chase to reach a firm decision as to which of my (still too many) projects I actually want to work on.
When I have a priority-project, that's what gets picked up.
And while I do one thread on that (or 5 minutes if it's on the machine), I decide what I actually want to work on. If no decision has been reached, I'll take another thread (or 5 minutes) on the priority-project.
So, while my mind flits between the (far too many) options, my hands actually gets something done ...
The bottom-line is, that the priority-project moves along.
Slowly but surely.
And that is also why I usually give priority to a project which has reached a very boring or tedious spot of work. Right now, the priority-project is DDs quilt. Not because it is at a particularly boring spot, but I need to finish it fairly fast. Not for my sake, but for hers :-) so it sees (at least) a thread a day, and moves, slowly but surely, towards completion :-)

... another really good thing is, that after one thread (or 5 minutes) has been done, I can put it away and do something that I consider to be much more fun :-) I don't have to, but I can. And frequently this freedom of choice makes away with the incentive to find the present project boring :-)
Sounds convoluted and weird, but there it is :-)

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martha said...

Tilde Dearest
Your quilts are insanely gorgeous. You are an extraodinary artist.