12 February 2007

Adventures in machine-piecing

Yes. I decided to go for it yesterday, and decided to attempt NI # 1 ... with Freezer-Paper paper-piecing (FPpp). You can see the result here.
Not exactly encouraging if you ask me. Squares in the middle are not square, neither are the diamond-squares, and the slim, yellow border had a different width in every block I made.

All the more frustrating since I know that I can piece just about anything by hand. AND can make points pointy and intersections meet.
Not so when machine-piecing. Not even when I have paper to help me cheat !
BUT I'm not easily intimidated, and this means, that today was another attempt at FPpp. This time with Nearly Insane # 2.
As you can see, the result is slightly better than the first attempt, but definitely not up to the standards of precision and crispness I can achieve by hand.
What is more, I've come to the realization, that "Nearly Insane " really should be re-named to "Definitely Bonkers" ... but then ... that's my kind of quilt and my kind of blocks :-)


martha said...


Hanne said...

Are you planning to do all the blocks starting with # 1 ??
I am doing mine Bingo style :-)
I can do # 3 now - hmmm - good idea.

computerpeach said...

those blocks are insane... not "nearly insane" - I gave up piecing things that small in an anonymous group...lol