06 February 2007

A February Finish

Yes. The sweater is finished !

Pictured here on the wintery veranda / deck that my (new) sewing-room opens up to. I pretend that the style here is shabby-chic, and that the lacking paint and general signs of slight decay are all as they should be.
It will be cleaned up when spring arrives :-)

It's been a fun project. Good to return to a love of my youth, and even if it does look complicated, it really isn't. There is not one single row which has more than 2 colours in it. The trick of this particular designer seems to be, that she shifts the colour on either the pattern or the back-ground occasionally, to make the design come more alive.
Kaffe Fasset has not lived in vain :-) ... even if he would probably have chosen 20 or 30 colours :-) for each part of the pattern :-)
ANYways. It is finished, and even if I did not do all the picots the pattern called for (I'm not overly fond of picots), I am happy with the result. It will now be washed and stretched.


Jeanne said...

Tilde, your sweater is beautiful!

Yvonne said...

Your sweater is gorgeous! I love knitting but can never seem to get the hang of knitting with more than one color. Love the colors you chose also.