10 February 2007

Beavers and Birch-trees

My DH is a biologist. He has a MA in biologi and one in geography. This combination made our son declare, when he was about 4 years old, that when he grew up, he wanted to be a biographer, just like his dad.
But I digress.
During his studies, DH was on 1 (as in "one") 2 week excursion, doing hands-on, old-fashioned, look at birds and bees and plants and animals course. He always claimed, that what he learned was to tell the difference between a beaver and a birch-tree.
Which is why the new toiletry-bag I've made him, has beaver blocks and, on the bottom and on the inside : birch-tree fabric.
The beavers are from BOB, and were originally made in the last millenium ! so ... the blocks are bordering on antique.
They have now been bordered with wild-life fabric and two nice, bright greens, and have been transformed to what you see here. Beavers and Birchtrees for the Biographer :-)

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