22 February 2007

Winter Wonderland

This is what my back-yard looked like this morning. And here we were, black-birds, cats, plants and myself, thinking that spring was springing.
Not so, as you can see.
There is merit to it, though. It looks very romantic and neat. No-one can really see the mess that is out there :-)

Another good side-effect of it is, that no-one really expects anyone to be out and about in weather like that, so ...what with weather and some sort of throat-infection going on, I've been sewing.
Hand-piecing, thank you :-) well ... mostly :-)
And I now have all the blocks for DDs quilt made.
There they are, laid out on the floor, with baby-cat contemplating whether she should lie down on the blocks on the floor, or rather jump into the chair, with both a finished quilt and a shawl.
Very difficult decision.

The chair won. You can't really mess around with blocks, but you can mess around with a shawl, working it like it was dough :-) and she does.

Well. The setting bits are now going on the flowers, and that does need to be hand-work. I'm using elongated hexagons for sashing, and have figured out, that if I put on all the "same-side" of the corners, all the way round, I won't have to decide, just yet, exactly how these flowers are to be distributed. I can fool around for a bit longer ... and I like that.

This is what the flowers will all look like when I've finished putting the sashing on them. A bit weird, I'll admit, but ... it'll work :-)
In the end, I'll have to put extra on the outside edges of the flowers that end up on the edge of the hexagonal diamond that will be the focus of the quilt, but that'll be ok :-)
.... and I'll deal with that when I get there.

So, progress is being made in Copenhagen. Slowly, but surely :-)


Arve said...

Nice winter in Copenhagen,lovely quilt for your DD.....

Hugs from Wenche

martha said...

Snow looks fun Tilde. I wish we could have a snow day! I love love love the diamond hexagons and I am glad dd loves it. You have such an eye for color!