29 December 2007

End of the year status

To me, keeping tally of what I have and what I have not, is ... necessary. I love to get new things and I love to start new projects. However, I have a tendency to put away projects for no good reason at all ... which is how I got to a point of having "more than 50" UFO (UnFinishedObjects for ye who do not know the quilty vocabulary).
About 5 years ago, I started chipping away on the multitude, and to finish things. My goal then was to reach "10 or less" active projects. And when I got there, I realized that 10 projects were too many as well. I cannot keep them all in my head and I cannot work consistently on more than 1 or 2 projects.
... and yes. I need to work consistently on a project to see progress and to stay ... if not exited, then at least interested :-)

SO, I've been chipping away and this year, I end the year with only 5 projects on my list ... 3 of which are in the "being quilted" stage ... which is an extremely nice place to be.

My present list of projects is as follows :
SE-2. A Dear Hannah triangle-quilt. Presently with LAQuilter
Sampler. Mostly Dear Jane-quilt. Presently with LAQuilter
Applique Allsorts. Being hand-quilted.
Lollipop Trees. Applique-quilt in preparation
Boxed Blocks. Jinny Beyer pattern from her "Quiltmaking by Hand" with Inklingo templates. An "on the run" project. (mock-up of the so-far work below)
My goals for the coming year ? Well, basically to keep on keeping on. To not acquire any new UFOs. To this end, I have made myself some basic rules, and for the year 2008 they are :
  1. To finish (at least) one project before starting a new one.
  2. To use (at least) one PIG* before acquiring a new one.
  3. To use (at least) as much fabric as I acquire.
And more specifically :
To not start a new quilt until the 3 "being quilted" projects are actually quilted and bound. I don't know if I can keep that one, but I will try.

*PIG : Project In Grocerybag. Doesn't have to physically be in a grocery-bag. It means, that everything for a project is there : pattern and fabric. Ready to roll. Just ... not rolling ... yet.


martha said...

love the Ginny Beyer pattern-perfect for both the diamond lover and the Inklingoist! I may have to revisit my Inklingo tin.xoxox

Sarah in Houston said...

Hi Tilde,
I have my WIP list ready to go and have already completed 2 bindings on quilts I've had laying around for a long time. Thanks for the inspiration.
Sarah in Houston

Shelina said...

Our goals are very similar Tilde! You do such fabulous intricate work, that I can see why you would stray to making something different from time to time. The red quilt in the previous post is gorgeous - that pattern has been on my to-do list as well.

Chookyblue said...

love this block how did you make it......