11 December 2007


Sometimes, even my best efforts seem to be of no avail.
I've started preparing the blocks for Kim McLean's "Lollipop Trees", using Kaffe Fasset's fabrics, and ... I'm running into ... trouble.

Nooooo, the block doesn't look horrible (as you can see), however, it doesn't look like I wanted it to, and that feels something like failure.

I wanted it to glow with colour ('cause thats the way I like it), instead, it seems rather ... bland. A bit flat, in fact, in spite of the wild and wonderful colours of the fabrics and the decided bubbly happiness of the pattern.

Further, I have trouble adjusting to the fabrics. Love them. Love the wild and wonderful colours and patterns, but ...
This particular pattern is completely left-right symmetrical, so to get it "right" you need to let the fabrics reflect that ... only ... mr Fasset's fabrics are - in general - not mirror-image fabrics, giving me some problems in achieving the desired symmetry.
BUT, I guess this is a learning experience, and hope that the flavour of "failure" is mostly due to the time of year. I really, seriously, don't like this time of the year. It is already far too dark for my taste, and it will take another month before it will be this light again !

Guess I'll pack up this block and call it "prepared" (when I've basted and ironed the brown tree-bits too, which will happen soon), and then I'll proceed to the next block, hoping to get it ... more to my taste.
I'll keep you posted (but it'll probably take another week or two before I have anything to show for my efforts. Preparing these blocks is time-consuming, and time is not what I have the most of right now)


Kathie said...

I plan on starting this quilt in January, I think your block looks great!
For me it is going to be a challenge cause these fabrics are way out of my comfort zone./normal palette!
I am doing it with some friends who actually are supplying the kaffe fabrics! Kathie

martha said...

Hallo Freind:)
Have you played with the backround colors? I think you may find a better sizzle factor with a color that is opposite from the orange on the color wheel-maybe a blue or purple for this group of circles. I know how you like your colors to sizzle! You are inspiring me to get started on my bigger blocks....

Elly D said...

Hiya Tilde, I agree with Martha, I think once you have put your pieces on to it's background then it will all come alive. Love the Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
I empathize with you this time of year. It's not my favourite time either being dark most the day.
bunny hugs...Elly

kmcl said...

Hi Tilde,
I think your block is looking great. This is Kim McLean, I made that quilt in the Glorious Colour website. You might like to try my method of fabric selection. With each block, you will find there are three or more big pieces. Find 3 or whatever number of big prints in compatible colours. Use the areas where there is a lot of colours, don't worry about the symmetry, use approximately the same areas of the fabrics. With Kaffe's fabrics, there are other areas where you'll be able to find some other bits you can use for the balls etc.
In the website, there are closeup photos of the blocks - if that would help. Sometimes using unexpected colour combinations is also fun to do. Cheers, Kim

Supermom said...

I love the block but I think your background should be brighter to make the block come alive.