11 December 2007

Blog-readability ???

Found this test over at Jane's blog, and ran it on my own.
And frankly, I feel quite good about the rating. After all, I am a non-native speaker (and writer), so its good to know that at least one 'puter programme considers my English to be at high-school level :-)


Lappesola said...

Du er nok et naturtalent på språk.

Hilsen Sol

Mary Ann said...

Tilde, I don't think this Blog-Readability level is correct...at least not in what it's telling me about mine!!! tee hee!!! Hilsen, Mary Ann

Mary Ann said...

I forgot to add in the last post that I think your English, both written and spoken, is fantastic!! ;o) Have a wonderful day!!

Elly D said...

I think Mary Ann may be correct. It told me mine was Genius level.. ha ha... I barely got '0' level when at school.
Your English is way better than mine Tilde. I just wish I had the brains to speak other languages as well... even my other supposed language of Spanish... I suck at that.
Hope you are having a good day, bunny hugs Elly