01 February 2008

Inklingo Fat Tuesday giveaway

It is now Fat Tuesday all over the world, and a winner has been drawn. Please check the above post.

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner and right after that, it's Lent.
Now, in days of yore, Fat Tuesday was the last day before lean lent set in, and therefore, it was the day where you used the last of the fat, the pork, the eggs, the cream. Whatever contained lots of cholesterol and fat and had potential BCBs (burnt, crunchy bits) And you ate it !
And what you couldn't eat yourself, you distributed to the poor :-)
Now, giving away food to the poor is not really something you do easily in the western world of today, so, rather than giving away lard and eggs and the like, I'm giving away some things from my shelves.

I am giving away 3 "things" this Fat Tuesday. All good stuff. All something I know I will never use.
Two are in the post below, third for giving away, is a kit of Inklingo-shapes.

Let me tell you about Inklingo.
To my mind, it is brilliant. Literally the best, most exiting thing that has happened in quilting since the rotary-cutter. No, I don't own any shares in it, but I have been a beta-tester on some of it, and I was exited from the word "go".

What you do is, you print your templates on fabric. Cut them out and sew. You can see a demo-video at Linda Franz's homepage.
And it's very easy for beginners to work with too. Not only are there cutting-lines, there are stitching-lines with markings to keep your bits properly aligned. A freind of mine is making her first king-size quilt, hand-piecing, Grandmother's flower-garden shapes ... and this is her second attempt. She would never in a zillion years have done a quilt like that with English Paper Piecing (just like I would never do it), but she is having a field day with her Inklingo-printed shapes :-)

And no, you don't have to be a handpiecer to enjoy Inklingo. When doing the Half-square triangles or the squares or the Quarter-square triangles, machine-piecing is my favourite. But I'm not good enough freinds with my machine to piece inset seams galore on it, and you do get that with hexagons.

Inklingo is extremely easy to use, and oh so useful :-)
Here's a run-down for those of you who don't know, or can't watch the video :

Iron freezer-paper to the front (!) of your fabric.

Put the Inklingo-CD in your computer.

Choose the shape, the colour of print, the size of paper you're using.

Put the freezer-paper-fronted fabric (well, not backed, is it) in your inkjet printer (and yes, any old inkjet printer will work wonderfully here !)


Cut apart, with scissors or with a rotary-cutter

And ... you're ready to start stitching !

Linda explains it much better, so, if you haven't heard about Inklingo before, go to her home-page and watch the video (I cannot see it on Mozilla, need to open my IE to watch it, but then its good)

What I'm giving away is a set of 1/3 hexagons (as shown on the prints above), printed on 5" samples of Judie Rothermel's Civil War classics. I've printed on two sets, and then printed "light" hexagons on civil war reproduction fabrics from my stash.

In the set is also a vial of Roxanne's sharp # 12. I'm adding them because they are wonderful for hand-piecing. Unfortunately, they are horrible to thread. I can only thread them when I use my DH's magnifyer lamp, and there are threads I cannot get through the eye at all ! so I use either YLI Select or YLI Heirloom, thread 10 at a time, and keep them in my Clover Needle-dome :-)
That seems to work.

To complete the kit, I've sewn just one, of the hexagons that the prints will make, so you can see what I would do with them ... if I ever got around to them. The side of my sewn hexagon is 1.75", so the finished size of the block is approximately 3½ x 3 ". There's enough in there to make 50+ of these blocks.

All fabrics good quality, washed and ironed, and I doubt that this kit will ever happen in this house ! ... which is why I'm giving it away. Spreading my abundance.

If you want to be in the drawing for the Inklingo-shapes, leave a comment to this post, and I'll draw a winner on Fat Tuesday, February 5th.


Kathie said...

I have wanted to try these! What a great give away!

Jeanne said...

I'd love to win these, Tilde! Great post about Inklingo.

Berit said...

Hi Tilde!
What a nice thing to do,I can see that you have come a long way regarding Inklingo..:))
Myself:I have all the CD's ,but haven't tried this out yet?I have a blockage when it comes to printing?

MGC said...

hello Tilde!
I have inklingo 2 but unfortunately I have only black printer it is why I haven't tried yet! did you use the idea of inklingo for christmas gifts? it was a brilliant idea!
have a nice day!
Marie (FRance)

The Calico Cat said...

Just because I am curious beyond compare, please put my name in the hat for the ink lingo shapes.

sbonetsue said...

I just watched the inklingo dvd that came with my Quilt Club subscription. I thought it looked like a great idea.
Maybe I'll be lucky enough to win!

VERO said...

Hello Tilde !!I want to be in !!!
Hugs from Chile , Vero

Debbie said...

Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I love hexagons and CW fabrics. And I've always wanted to try Inklingo (but my printer has decided not to work anymore). Please include my name in the drawing.

Kathleen said...

Please put me into your drawing, I have read about Inklingo before and would love to see the result and work some up to make an informed decision about purchasing. Thanks, Kathleen

Cindy said...

Hi there Tilde,
Oh this is very exciting. I would love to be included in the drawing. What a thoughtful thing to do.
Thanks so much, Cindy

sandy said...

Hi Tilde,

How kind of you to take the time to explain Inklingo to those of us who have not a clue how to use it. This new technique sound really great and I will make sure that I try it soon. Thank you, Sandy

Jacqui's Quilts said...

I've been tempted to try these too, but have too many ufo's I'm trying to wade through before giving it a go. Maybe I'll be really lucky and win these :-). Love that quilt you're working on! And the colours of your bright dj blocks are awesome!

Jacqui in Canada

celiab said...

Hello Tilde
what a kind lady you are to makee such an offer. i would love to be included in the draw. I won't be able to cut out anything for the next mont or so as I am going to have hand surgery next week. I should be able to sew for a short time though with any luck so your little kit would be a great help to me. Many thanks Celia

Quilting Pansy said...

That sounds like a great giveaway, and what a nice way to try the inklingo.
Please count me in!
Cindy T

dakota essence said...

I have Inklingo, so don't want to be in the drawing, but I want to encourage or reassure those of you who haven't tried it to please do! And, the cheapest color printer you can pick up for under $30 at the Big Box store should work without a problem. There's an Inklingo yahoo group and we'd love to see any of you who are interested or timid about trying. Lots of suggestions, pictures, inspiration, support and fun in this international group. (Not affiliated, just appreciate a brillant concept and extremely professionally produced product.) Jillian from North Dakota USA

JoAnne said...

If this is a separate drawing from the fabric, put my name in here also. I'd love to try it! JoAnne, a DJ Goddess from TX

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope no one gives up fabric buying for Lent. What an awful idea. Although it would make me more appreciative of the sacrifice of Good Friday. Sorry, this is way too serious.

twhisson said...

Tilde - This is so nice of you. I just love your blog. Teresa

Chookyblue said...

wow....I have not heard of this

Caroline said...

Hi Tilde ,
I can't wait to go to the USa to meet Linda and start the inklingo games ...meanwhile ....please add my name to the drawing ..;so I can maybe take this project in the plane ;)

jane said...

I'd love to be in your drawing. I always enjoy reading your posts and now your blog. Thanks, Jane

brenda said...

Tilde you make this process seem so easy but I find it a little intimidating but would love to try.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon one of Linda's video's for her Quilted Diamonds book and DVD. She was kind enough to send me a sample of a diamond for hand piecing. I was hooked. I would love to try the Inklingo to see it up front and in person before purchasing a Collection.

Please include me in your drawing for the free trial kit. Thank You
Rae Ann

Sharon said...

What an interesting product! I'd love to try stitching those hexagons. Please put my name in the draw!

LYNDA LOIS said...

I would love to be included in your giveaway. It sounds wonderful!

Phyllis said...

I am new to inklingo so what a wonderful way to learn. Hope I win!!!


Sigrun said...

Å så fantastisk dette "verktøyet" ser ut. Det må på min ønskeliste. Åja jeg vil veldig gjerne være med i trekningen din. Også savner jeg deg på QS.

Bev said...

Tilde, I would love to win this kit. From the pics, the colors are great - and I do love Inklinkgo! Hopefully will be getting #1 or 3 or -----!!!!!!!!! I have always read all of your posts, and will now be reading your blog! Thanks so much for this opportunity!


Jane said...

I would love to be in the Inklingo drawing.