25 February 2008

Critter approved

I folded the two quilts shown in the post below, and put them on the doll-bed that resides in my sewing-room. Mostly to have them out of the way of rabbit, and to have them looking as neat as is possible in a messy room.

That, however, does not deter other critters from examining the pile, and - as you can see - the pink thing (SE-2) is definitely critter-approved. Pushkin, our tailless sort-of gentleman, has been sleeping on it since I put it there ... maybe he thinks its his quilt ?
ANYways. The handsewing of the binding on The Sampler has started, so his Prince on the Pea pile has been reduced slightly since this picture was taken.


Jeanne said...

No matter where you put the quilts, the cats always seem to find them. Cute kitty.

Elly D said...

What gorgeous fabric you have on the backs of your quilts :-D
The quilting is lovely.

I have a rabbit that thinks she's a cat. ;-D