21 February 2008

I have quilts !!!

My two most recent DearJane-style quilts are now home from the quilter.
SE-2 and The Sampler.
You will just have to live with the shoddy photograhpy and the less than happy selections of bits of quilts that are shown, but I really needed to share these with you.
The quilting is wonderful ! Done by the same quilter that quilted the original "Sara Eleonora" which is in the Dear Hannah-book. AND as is the case in the book, she has used a wonderful variegated thread for quilting. Unfortunately, it does not photograph easily. But here it is, all the same :-)

Above : One of the "blank" setting blocks
Below : One of the corner-blocks with part of the border

Above : One side of the quilt, draped in the very cramped conditions of my sewing-room
Below : One of the blocks. Isn't the quilting in the white setting-tris wonderful ?

And that was that. Hope you enjoy. In the fullness of time, there will be pictures of both quilts, taken under decent conditions, and with binding on. For now, just be happy with me :-)


Jacqui's Quilts said...

Thanks so much for the preview of the quilts! The quilting is awesome! Have fun binding..looking forward to more pictures of the finished quilts.

Jacqui in Canada

Kim West said...

Oh my gosh, that quilting is awesome!! I can't wait to see the pictures of the finished quilts!

Jeanne said...

The quilting is wonderful!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful quilts, Tilde! The quilting is just exquisite...you must be very pleased! Hope all is well with you! Cheers, Mary Ann

Lissa Jane said...

I love your quilts, the quilter has done your work justice! can't wait to see them finished!

take care

JoAnne said...

Beautiful quilts - loved the setting on the blue/red one. JoAnne in Keller, TX

Lappesola said...

Nydelig quilting. Jeg må nok øve meg enda noen år før jeg tar fatt på min baby jane. Den er ferdig tråklet og ligger og venter..

Hilsen Sol

Shelina said...

Well they certainly are beautiful - the color selection, the piecing, the quilting, all the parts and pieces make for wonderful quilts.