01 February 2008

Fat Tuesday giveaway

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner and right after that, it's Lent.
Now, in days of yore, Fat Tuesday was the last day before lean lent set in, and therefore, it was the day where you used the last of the fat, the pork, the eggs, the cream. Whatever contained lots of cholesterol and fat and had potential BCBs (burnt, crunchy bits)
You cooked it and you ate it !
And what you couldn't eat yourself, you distributed to the poor :-)

Now, giving away food to the poor is not really something you do easily in the western world of today, so, rather than giving away lard and eggs and the like, I'm giving away things from my shelves.

I am giving away 3 "things" this Fat Tuesday. All good stuff. All something I know I will never use. Two are in this post, one is in the next (which is really the one above this one). All fabrics are washed with non-perfumed soap. There might be some residual smoke in some of it, seeing that until 8 months ago, heavy smoking took place inside this house. BUT it has been 8 months, so to my nostrils it isn't bad. (And no, I haven't completely quit the habit, but I am no longer smoking inside the house, which is good for all of my family, and does reduce my smoking greatly)

First for giving away is 3 yards of an old Debbie Mumm fabric, with wide borders. I bought it to make a pinafore for my little girl. She is now 13, goth-light, and would not be caught dead in anything remotely resembling this.

Next for giving away is 2 little-guy fabrics. The little guy is now 15 and would not relish these fabrics any more.
There is about a yard of the blue-and-green and about 1½ yards of the fabric with black background and UFOs.

Third for giving away, see the next post.

If you would like to be in the draw for either of the above, please leave a comment on this blog, telling me which one you would prefer and I'll draw a winner on Fat Tuesday ... February 5th.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh yes please...count me in. Either of those farbics would be welcomed in my house! :o)

JoAnne said...

From another DJ Goddess....
Add me to the drawing please. I'm hoping to get motivated when Brenda is at our guild show next weekend (Feb.8-10) and start my red, white, & blue jane. Been collecting fabric since I finished the first one. JoAnne in Keller, TX

Kathync said...

Add me to drawing for inklingo - I've been dieing to try before I purchase for myself

denise said...

Hi Oh Yes please! The teddys would have a happy home with me, cause I have got 2 brandnew grandaughters and a grandson soon to make his entrence into the beautiful world. Cheers from a newbe, Denise

Tilde said...

This give-away was closed on February 5th 2008, so ... no further draws on this one.