30 November 2011

More on Lace knitting : Evenstar shawl - 3

The thing about knitting lace is, that you don't really have a clue what it will look like, until you have knitted more than one repeat of the pattern.
The further thing is, that once you have knitted more than one repeat of the pattern, and you realize that you misinterpreted some part of it (the pattern) you need to unpick quite a lot.
The even further thing is, when knitting something where the pattern changes more or less constantly, you get a very beautiful result ... but it can be frustrating.
Exhibit A is the current 'end' of the Evenstar shawl

In a knit-purl sequence, why should I follow the pattern when it says 'knit through back link'? Does it matter at all or is it just a piece of designer idiocy, created to make me loose what little patience I have left with unpicking because I forgot (again)?
The answer is: It matters.
Doing a ribbed (k1, p1) part, with the knit-bits stitched through the back of the stitch means that the knit-stitches stand out more. Since the effect one wants on this particular bit of the pattern is, that of slender columns (think Rivendell in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings triology), you want them emphazised.
And therefore, I unpicked and re-did.
And no, I don't really mind. I want to do things right, but I am on a constant learning-curve here. Mostly re-learning things I used to know (or should know by now), but disregard ... and pay for in unpicking.

The good thing (yes, there is a good thing) is, that I can now knit this particular segment in my sleep, without loosing any 'knit through back' stitches :-) and I will pay better attention to ... well ... let's not be too unrealistic here ... for at least the next couple of rows :-D

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Judy said...

It is going to be wonderful when you are finished!