19 November 2011

Evenstar shawl - 2

The Evenstar shawl is progressing. Slowly but surely.
I have now reached the third stage of the process (chart 3), which is the last before the edge goes on ... and it is a huge chart. More than 60 rows, each with 560 (or more) stitches on it. But I am having fun ... in a masochistic sort of way.
Let me put it this way : I am learning a lot about knitting lace with the directions in a foreign language.
It is a challenge.
I am also (re-)-learning why I don't do a lot of knitting with pure silk : there is no give in it, and if you drop a stitch on lace-knitting like this, you might as well just pull the plug on the thing and unravel until you reach the closest life-line, because there is no 'hold' in the yarn either.
As before, this has not been blocked, and it will (hopefully) be the last picture you see of it until it is practically finished. Lifelines are a great thing, but picking up 560+ stitches, just to show you a picture ... IF on the other hand I mess up, and need to unpick at one or more stages of the next 60+ rows, I will remember to take a picture and show it you, if not ... you'll just have to wait as patiently as you know how :-)

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Laura said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! And very courageous of you to attempt!