23 November 2011

And now to something completely different

OK. I'm taking a wee break from the Sunflowers (and so, dear reader, are you), because ...

TA-DAH ! I have quilts.

TeaRoses and Passacaglia are back from the long-armer, and are looking great :-)
Which means, that, the next couple of weeks, my stitching will not be Sunflowers, but binding on quilts. It is long-winded and tedious (to me), and almost feels like real work, but ... it has to be done, and I loooove when it is done.

And don't worry. There will be proper pictures and close-ups and such, once the binding is on.


Pat D said...

Good Morning Tilde!

Your quilts are lovely wish I could help you with the binding as I think that is the best part! One can do lots of thinking and planning while working on the last bits of the quilt. Enjoy!and thanks for the inspiration


Linda and Monkey said...

I enjoy the rhythm of hand sewing a binding too! I wish we lived closer --for a lot of reasons--and I would gladly sew the binding on both of these gorgeous Inklingo quilts! Congratulations on two great finishes!
Linda & Monkey