21 August 2011

It's Blackberry time

Not the electronic device. The edible sort.

DH, DSon and DSon's freind have been picking blackberries, and had a lovely afternoon turning the berries into preserve and squash / syrup (for diluting with water and drinking ... soft-drink, you know).
And here are the pictures to prove it :

Setting out (some of the) containers for the preserve / jam.

The almost boiling cauldron

Cleaning the edges of the glass with a cloth dipped in boiling water.

Putting on the lid (deep concentration)

The first 4 glasses. More were made. I think we ended up with 12 liters of squash/syrup/juice and about 20 glasses of jam / preserve. DS's freind is going to take about half home. DH has enough blackberries picked to make another batch the same size.

... DD and I will enjoy consuming them.