10 August 2011

Here comes the Sun(flowers) 4

SO. Double Sunflowers look good, but really ... 100 pieces to piece is a bit much sometimes. There has got to be something else I can do with the centre circle.

There is :-)

The collection comes with quarter circles, so ... maybe a circular 4-patch ? Worth a try, at least :-)
And this is the result. I sort-of like it. But I still think that the open space in the centre is too much.
Strangely, this one doesn't seem too green. It 'should', but it doesn't.

On to the next one ! Maybe without green in the centre ?


Paula said...

Now that is a beautiful block, Tilde. Will it end up in a big quilt? I like the colours.

svelder said...

I absolutely LOVE this block! Just think, even if the center is just a circle of fabric, then you can put a divine quilting pattern in there!

Elly D said...

I like this :) Nice job Tilde.