16 March 2011

Work In Progress

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Saw over at Freshly Pieced (click on the button above if you want to see her blog), that's she's doing Work In Progress Wednesday, and thought I might try to tag along :-) See how it goes, if I can keep it up.

I am - finally - back with a needle and some thread in my fingers. It has been a long sewing-drought, but it seems (finally) to be over. The project that currently sees all work is the Passacaglia. However, the big top is now too big to show easily, so, I'll postpone showing that one off until the weather has calmed down (it's rather blowy outside), and/or it is sufficiently finished for me to get it back up on the wall and take a picture.
Instead, here's a picture of the 9 left-over blocks. Yes. Nine blocks more than was necessary was pieced.
Now, looking at them, I'm sure you too can see that all of them are ... too something.
Too 'loud' or dark or brown or ...
Anyway. They are not bad blocks, they just didn't work with the other 35. Now, they will be joined, more or less as you see on the picture, they will get a border (or 3) of plain stripes, and then I'll decide whether they will go on the back of the big Passacaglia-quilt, or will become a separate small(-ish) quilt.
Only time will tell.

Not a bad reject-quilt, eh?

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Jody said...

Some little (or big) girl would love this quilt when finished. I know I would!!