29 March 2011

What a difference a border makes

I seem to be on a roll.
First the big Passacaglia-top was finished, and now the 'Reject-Passacaglia' top is finished too.

And isn't it amazing how different the wide, outer border makes the quilt look ?
I planned with the wide one, then, when I got to the point where it was just the two slim borders, I thought 'That looks finished', and decided to call it a day.

... then, just because the wide borders were already cut and marked, I put them up there on the Design-wall, around the 'finished' little quilt, and ... liked it. A lot. So ... the wide borders are on now, and another quilt-top is finished.

I call the top my 'Reject Passacaglia', because it is made with blocks that didn't make it into the big Passacaglia-quilt. They aren't wrong as such, there aren't any (big) boo-boos on any of them, they just didn't work with the rest of the blocks in the big one.

BUT, they work ok together, and the borders does pull them in. I know the fabric looks beige (or sand) and it is, but there is a crackle in the mottle, and the crackles are pink and green :-D just like the blocks.


Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Cute :)
The big one is a beauty too!

Kathy in Nashville said...

oh, Tilde,
The Reject quilt is beautiful!!!
I love it. The borders are perfect!

Kathy in Nashville

Hanne said...

Both the Passacaglia quilt tops looks great Tilde :-)

Elly D said...

They both look wonderful Tilde.