30 December 2010

Empty spaces

It must be some sort of law of physics, that any available and 'naked' horisontal surface, will fill up in no time flat if left unattended for more than 5 seconds.
Showed you my nice, ready-to-work-on table day before yesterday. Well, yesterday I did laundry. DH thrifted a sack-full of table-linens a while back. Lovely stuff. White, damask- and jaquard-woven stuff, lots of napkins, two sets (each of 14 or 16) embroidered with monograms.

Most of it has been laundered and ironed for the longest time, but ... during my marathon clearing, cleaning and washing day yesterday, the last load of the white linens surfaced, and ... now my table looks like this. Again.

Time for some ironing, I think, and then maybe, just maybe, I'll reclaim my 'empty table' before going to bed tonight.


martha said...

ironing is my nemesis. btw I still haven;t figured out how to turn the kaelingesjal! can you come back and show me again? xoxox

Lillemille said...

Hej Tilde.
Hyggeligt at se du er her.
som altid og tidligere nogle meget smukke tæpper du laver.
Jeg vil høre om du har en mailadresse jeg kan skrive så jeg kan skrive til dig. Jeg har noget jeg gerne vil spørge dig om. Det vedrører Dear jane tæpper.
Mange kram og hilsner Birthe Skødt

Tanya said...

So funny