28 December 2010

Hello again - Cinderella'ing

Well. That was a very long silence, but ... life has been happening. Life and not much (any) stitching.
Excuses out of the way now :-)
I hope I'm back on the block now.
And I'm ready to get back to some stitching.
Problem is, before I can stitch, I need a place to work, and - as always - when things backslide, they backslide, and one of the first places to suffer, and last places to be rescued, is my sewing-room, and ... the table.

SO, nothing for it. Cinderella needs to go on duty (hence the 'Cinderella'ing of the title of this post). You know, Cinderella went to the ball, but before that, she had to clear and clean and scrub and sort and .... So ... yesterday was Cinderella-duty, i.e. Cinderella outside of the ballroom. And just so that you'll know I'm not pulling your leg, here are the pictures to prove, that I actually did something :

Table before I started
After 15 minutes of Cinderella'ing
After another 15 minutes of Cinderella'ing
This morning (and yes, I moved the 'puter in here, since DS is writing his end-of-term thesis in 'the office' and cannot for the life of him keep is mouth shut, and I need peace and quiet to work, so ...)
The remaining problem identified : Piles of neatly folded and lovely, lovely fabric that has no place to go. As you can see, I seriously need to get some stitching going ;-)


Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Fantastisk å se deg tilbake igjen - jeg har savnet deg her i blogland! Håper du har hatt en flott jul, og at askepott-resultatet holder seg inn i det nye året :) - jeg er sikker på at det kommer til å komme nok et nydelig arbeid fra deg i nær fremtid. Godt nytt år fra Berit i Norge

Lappesola said...

Kjekt at du blogger igjen.
Nå skal jeg også gå og rydde syrommet. Inspirert av deg.

Klem fra Sol

Joan said...

Ah Tilde - Lovely to hear from you - I need some Cinderella'ing
done here too. I love your neat sewing room. Wish I could say the same of mine. Look forward to seeing what you are up to. Hope your Christmas was a happy one...and the New Year brings you joy.

Tanya said...

I love your term Cindarella'ing it almost makes it seem like fun. So nice ti visit your blogg again. Tanya