26 September 2009

Passacaglia # 17

Finally. Another Passacaglia-block.
Being sick and trying to go to work is not conducive to doing other things, so, it's taken a little while, but here it is. And I've got the next ones prepped.
However, I am running out (have run out, more or less) of fabrics that looks interesting when being fussy-cut / printed. I have ordered two fabrics, but
Oh, well. Here it is. Not one of the most interesting ones, but it will work well in the finished project.
And here are the first 16 on the Design-wall.
I think it will end up on a 4 x 6 block setting after all :-)


Catherine said...

Wow -- those first 16 look fantastic together!! Hard to stop making blocks like these that you love, isn't it!

martha said...

I say WOW too. These are stunning!

Kathy in Nashville said...


Karen said...

Wow! Looking at all the blocks together is quite a good display.

Joan said...

Fantastic Tilde...The blocks look great all together...
Joan in West Oz