19 September 2009

No Sewing Progress - but some Tiny Totes

I'm sorry to say so, but there it is.

No Sewing.

Teaching has started, full gale, and what with holding about 3 jobs this month, and having a house and a family to say "hi" to, just occasionally, sewing suffers.

I have two Passacaglia Blocks printed, but haven't even cut the bits apart !

HOWever. This weekend, no work outside the house takes place, so the plan is, to finish preparing those two, and - hopefully - get some more Sampler blocks ready to publish.

BUT, just so that you won't get a post, completely without pictures, here are some pics of the Tiny Totes I furiously made in May, preparing the Free Pattern for Inklingo.

Tote on top is made with the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring collection, totes below are made with the LeMoyne Collections. The 4.5" free collection and the 6" pay-for-it collection.

Finished size of these are anything from 6 to 10" square, plus handles.

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