02 September 2009

Passacaglia # 13

Finally, block # 13 is finished.
Took its time, but then, I had another one prepped that looked simply awful when I laid it out before piecing, so it was trashed, and this one was made instead. As you can see, there's recycling of diamonds and squares from two other blocks, and the white seems slightly excessively bright, BUT, this is the way it turned out, and it will go into the quilt.
Blocks 14-16 are prepped and ready to roll ... which is good, because I don't really have time to sew the next couple of weeks, but this way, I will at least be able to sneak in a thread every now and then.

1 comment:

Karen said...

It is amazing at the different looks you are getting with these blocks. I like the use of the stripes in this block.