01 June 2009


Do you you know what that is ?
I don't mean the cute looking animal, I mean the quilty wombats :
Waste Of Money, Batting And Time.

It is a highly personal thing what might become a wombat, but I have found that I have one.
Picture on the left.

It is a Strippy Scrappy Hexagon project.
I've printed lots of Civil War reproduction scraps, and some that are not repros, but are compatible with them. Not all of the printing is equally visible. Some of the fabrics turned out to have quite dark backs, which does not make for visible printing (until and unless someone knows of someone who produces white ink ?)

I've pieced long strips of hexagons on the machine (50 or 51 hexes to a strip), making 40+ strips.
I've started joining the long strips to each other with hand-piecing, because I can't really see any other way of doing it .... and I'm bored stiff !
What is worse, I don't really like the result when I do a mock-up like on the picture.

So the question is : is there anyone out in blog-land who is dying to get a project like this ?

There probably is :-)

Which is why I'm going to celebrate my return to blog-land by giving it away. A project that I dislike (now), but which might be loved by someone else. Fabrics are good quality, are washed, and come from a home with 2 cats and a rabbit (so pet allergics, beware !)

There are 40+ strips, each sewn with 50 hexagons. The side of each hexagon (finished size) is 1", which means about 2" across from point to point. 20 of the strips have been joined in pairs, forming 10 pairs of strips. The finished quilt should be in the vicinity of 60 x 90"

To have a chance at winning, here's what you do :

Leave a comment on this post before noon, GMT, Friday the 12th of June.
In the comment let me know which quilt-pattern you have never made, but would love to do.
Some time after that dead-line, I'll pick a winner, using a random number generator :-)


Kathie said...

I would love these!
would be fun turning them into a quilt!
hmm a quilt pattern I haven't tried that I would like to
a courthouse step quilt.

Anonymous said...

It does look lovely and "old worlde". There are two patterns I would like to make - A double Wedding Ring quilt and an Apple Core quilt.
Great to have you back in blog land Tilde. I know you are a very busy lady.
God bless,
Susan M
Manjimup W Australia
jwsmoore at bordernet dot com dot au

tami said...

Oh wow. I would love these. I LIKE the mock-up in the pictre. The quilt pattern that I have never made, but would like to is Apple Core. My grandmother made one years ago and I always loved it.

Sharon said...

Welcome back to blogland. I really like what you have done. i love civil war fabrics and would love to turn it into a beautiful quilt. Are you sure after all your hard work that you don't like it just a little? But if you are sure I would love to have it. And the grandmothers' flower garden is one that I would love to do someday.

lgray said...

I am in awe of your projects, especially the patterns you make. I want to make the apple core bag from strawberry prints and a DWR (not strawberry prints). Inklingo has made these dreams possible.

Kathy said...

Hi Tilde,
I would love to give your 1" hex's a home!
The quilt I would love to make but haven't yet...New York Beauty!

Kathy Timmons in Nashville

Jody said...

The strips are beautiful!! but I fell in love with CW fabric after doing Dear Jane. A pattern I have always wanted to do (and the first one I was gonna do after learning to quilt!!) was a Grandmother's fan--my favorite quilt when I was a child was one done by my grandmother--and of course it is missing (or thrown away--it was well loved!!) Since quilting, I have wanted to make a NY Beauty.
Am glad you are back in blogland!!

Laurab said...

Let's see... I like your Wombat! And think that I could incorporate it with one or two of my own Wombat to come up with an awesome looking... something or other.:-) I think Double Wedding Ring would be at the top of my list of quilts I haven't made yet. Next would be GFG.
LauraC from SW Arkansas

Anonymous said...

I was so admiring your Wombat strips and think that I would like to make one. So, yes, I hope that I am lucky enough to win them.

My dream is to make a DJ and DH quilt -- one of each.
Bev in TX
countryone77 at yahoo dot com

Lissa Jane said...

I have a few WOMBATs here.. and I figure I am australian and they are our native animal! LOL

there are so many quilts and so little time, but I would love to do a Dear Jane and a feathered star.. points and me do not have a great relationship! LOL

Brenda said...

Ah, Tilde,
I covet your wombat,because I love repros, hexagons-and you(does that count?). To me, it is beautiful!
The pattern I have never made is Patchwork of the Crosses.

Anonymous said...

these hexagons are an ugly duckling ready to turn into a swan in the hands of an artist. i hope they find a good home.

Wenche said...

Hi Tilde. I had a WOMBAT myself but finished it and gave it waway. Out of sight out of mind :)
A pattern I love and haven't made yet? That was a though question........it will have to be a hexagon quilt. Honestly. I haven't made one but looking at all the wonderful quilts at Inklingo makes me want to. As you might remember, civil war fabric is one of my absolute favourite when it comes to fabric.

Terry said...

I have never made a hexagon quilt, but would love to.

Jillian said...

Hi Tilde, the next quilt pattern I want to make is a pictorial quilt I've designed in hexagons and hex parts... then of course I dream of Quilted Diamonds, and, Dresden plates (pieced), Wheel of Mystery, Storm at Sea, and others.

I don't have a single piece of Civil War fabric and would love to play with this one!

Jillian from North Dakota

Missy said...

I love it! Looks like a quilt that might have been made in the 1800 to use up scraps.

Missy in SW Missouri