03 June 2009

Lone Star

Lone Star, or Star of Bethlehem, or Mathematical Star, or Morning Star or whatever-you-want-to-call-it Star ... Well, it's one of those patterns I've wanted to do "forever", but frankly, the thought of doing it by hand was too daunting, and the thought of doing it by machine-piecing strips and then sub-cutting into the 45-degree angles, hoping to place your ruler the same way on every strip-set ...
Too, too intimidating.
BUT, then came Inklingo, and then came the 6" LeMoyne Star collection. Now, those of you who knows me, also know that I'm not particularly good freinds with my sewing-machine. I don't enjoy it very much, and it usually ends up in tears ... or at least in un-pointy points and less than happy intersections.
Well ... I decided that now was the time to put my theories about making a Lone Star with the Inklingo 6" LeMoyne Star collection to the test, so ... Thursday May 21st, 2009, I started picking out fabric, and printed the first strips.
Yesterday, I was rather miffed, because the centre would not lie flat.
Today, I added the 4 corner-squares and 4 centre triangles that are the background-fabric, and after that, I pressed well with a good iron, and ... now it lies flat :-)
So, just under 2 weeks to make an 84" finished top, all machine-pieced ... that's rather good, won't you agree ?


Anonymous said...

Your Lone Star is lovely, Tilde! That is something that's still on my list of projects to do -- someday. I'm so glad that Inklingo will make it "doable."


Catherine said...

Wow! It's fabulous -- and you did it so quickly!! Congratulations on a gorgeous top!

Sharon said...

Tilde just an awesome quilt, beautiful!! Congratulations Sharon

Sølvi's blog said...

Det tror jeg jeg vil kalle godt utført arbeid Tilde.

Robin C said...

oh my, that is wonderful and you did it all with Inklingo? Wonderful

Would you please let Val know that I received her giveway. I looked for a blog for her but didn't see one.


Elly D said...

Your Lone Star is gorgeous Tilde. I'm sure your MIL will be delighted with it for her birthday. :-D