08 June 2009

Boxed Stars

This is originally a Jinny Beyer pattern from her "Quiltmaking by Hand", however, I adapted it to suit my own purposes. The original pattern uses 2.5" diamonds, I used Inklingo and the 2.25" diamond in Collection 3. I also used a "same background colour" fabric to tie the stars together and frame the boxes.
Jinny Beyer doesn't call it Boxed Stars, but I do. I love the way the boxes and the stars interplay, and the way the graphic of the piece shifts as you shift your focus just a tiny bit.
The ... funny thing about this is, that I started it by picking out all the most boring and drab browns and darks I could find in my stash, then I added a few soft rose fabrics, and a very small handful of golden-hued scraps. The intention was to make a "neutral" and mostly harmless / boring quilt. My DH tells me I failed :-)

It is about 96" and we had to stand on the low stone-wall to hold up the top.
Not yet quilted ... I (still !) need to remove a lot of cat-hairs before I can send it to a pro for quilting. I started doing it myself, on the machine, and the effort was pathetic.
ANYway, the top is finished, only the cat-hairs to remove now.


davidb said...

I just love this quilt. It is absolutely gorgeous. You colour selection is perfect. You are a talented quilter.

Jillian said...

Hi Tilde,

I loved the original blocks you showed us of this; but the finished quilt is breath-taking.


Catherine said...


This is stunning. Makes me think of chocolates and caramels. Your colour sense is fantastic!

Donna said...

Tilde, I love your quilt!! It is just
gorgeous! Loved your color choices.

in south texas

Loretta said...

Tilde, I have loved this quilt from the first picture and the finished result is stunning. It has a home in Alaska if it needs a place to go. =)

tami said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunning. Beautiful job.

Shasta said...

It is beautiful! You're right, every time I move my eyes, there is a different pattern that emerges. I love that kind of quilt.

Carol G said...

I absolutely LOVE this quilt and may do something similar for my next project. I opened your blog because I am working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexagon quilt and saw your hexagon squares. What a wonderful idea and it avoids the problem about what to do when you get to the border!

M.Sue said...

I love your Boxed stars quilt. Please take a close up photo of how you are quilting it.

The color choices are perfect!

Ingrids strik og patchwork said...

Meget smuk, Tilde

Mange hilsener

a.niza said...

Your Boxed Star prompts me to get the 2" 60 deg Diamond collections last week. Your quilt is a beauty.