28 January 2012

The true meaning of Cinderella

The other day, I had set aside an afternoon with one purpose, and one purpose only : To get the binding for the big Passacaglia-quilt cut, and machined on.
And this is where the true meaning of Cinderella comes into play.
We all know that she went to the ball, met her prince, and lived happily ever after.
What we rarely consider is, that most of her time, until that moment, was spent cleaning, clearing and generally working her way through the daily house-keeping chores.
SO, before I could even begin to start on doing the 'real' task of the afternoon, I had to find my inner Cinderella, and do the chores.
Here are some 'before' and 'after pictures.

The  ironing-board



The cutting-table



The table around my sewing-machine


and Before


The Waste-basket



The chair
... yes ... only one picture on this one. I didn't have it in me to disturb a sleeping kitty :-)

And then, just because I was at it anyway. The yarn-stash (with assorted tributaries):


Still stuffed to overflowing, but at least I can now see what is there!

(and yes, I'll show you picture/s of the completely finished Passacaglia. Eventually. Once the binding has been hand-sewn down. Until then, it looks more-or-less like it has done in previous pictures of the thing).


dakota essence said...

I can totally relate with the disarray of creativity! I've always thought it was a pity that stuff couldn't put itself away...
Looking forward to seeing your finished Passacaglia.
~Jillian in North Dakota

Leslie said...

What a great job. I desperately need to do the same thing...Can I borrow your Fairy Godmother?

Cyn ;-) said...

Wow... maybe FlyLady will visit some of the rest of us! lol.
Nice job, Tilde. I was laughing while viewing your before pics - they could easily been taken at my house! Can't wait to see Passacaglia.

Anonymous said...

Very wise to leave the kitty to the napping. And such a lovely napping bed!!!!
Great job with the tidying