18 January 2012

A Finished Quilt !!!

Yes, dear Reader, I am proud to tell you, that I have FInally finished my TeaRoses.

Quilted by Sue Baddley of Summit Creek Quilts.
And as of a two days ago, it now also has a binding :-)

AND as of today, there's even pictures :-)

Front of the quilt

And the pieced backing, using remains of the collection I used for the flowers

A corner-view

Sort-of close-up of the quilting. I chose an all-over, because I don't like my quilts too stiff. A good custom-job would probably be extremely beautiful, but also make the quilt really stiff and unyieldy. I like it as it is.


LeKaQuilt said...

Congrat on an finic quilt! Its an nice quilt.

Linda & Monkey said...

Dear freind, It's beautiful! Great choice of fabrics, lovely design. I clicked on the photos to see the quilting (lovely) and appreciate that none of the stitches show, the way they would with paper piecing. Just gorgeous. I would love to snuggle up under that one!
Aren't you glad you didn't have to whip-stitch to get this design? LOL

martha said...

I love this one. the colors are just amazing. Makes me not want to throw anything away ever.

Cathie in UT said...

Beautiful quilt Tilde
I celebrate with you on this finished project

Jeannette said...

Your quilt is absolutely beautiful Tilde.Jeannette Down Under.

Pat D said...

Lovely Tilde you're an inspiration!

Pat D

Dorothy said...

Really lovely, and the quilting is just right. I think an all-over pattern is perfect for a scrappy quilt like this one. I think custom quilting would get lost among all the pretty favrics!

Cyn ;-) said...

Beautiful quilt, Tilde. Lots n lots of wonderful hexies. You are an inspiration.

Frummie said...

How absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Cyn is right, you are an inspiration to us all.


Elly D said...

It is so beautiful! Congratulations on your finish too. The quilting is gorgeous too.