15 October 2011

Auditioning backgrounds

Well, "That Perfect Background" hasn't worked out. Can't find more of it anywhere in the world, so I'm looking into alternatives. And this is where a digital camera is a true blessing, because one can place the blocks, take a picture, and move on to the next suggestion.

Here's a fabric that I just got in. Ordered it ... just because. I will need to order more (and hurry up about it) if I want this.

And this is the fabric I ordered, because it looked close to "That Perfect Fabric" while on the monitor. Unfortunately, it turned out to be much lighter in real life than it was on the picture on the screen. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. Looks ... ok, I guess, but rather light. The good thing about it is, that I have enough of this fabric :

And then something completely different : What about a bright, warm, yellow background ? If this is what I end up deciding upon, I need to order more, and - again - need to hurry up about it.

I'm holding out a bit, though. I'm going with a DFreind to a place which never has a sale, but has a warehouse full of fabrics tomorrow. She might have something. I hope so. If not ... I'll just have to make an executive decision and stay with it.


martha said...

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these options. You may have to make one quilt with each background and be done with it. Kind of like Monet's Lily pond series.

Ctextiles said...

without any hesitation, I will choose the yellow one, but your choice will be the best!
Marie (france)

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Hej Tilde,
jeg har lige læst på din profil at du er dansker ;o)

I en tysk yahoo-gruppe blev linket til din hexagonquilt publiseret, heldigt for hvornår mon jeg eller havde fundet din blog...-jeg er hel vild med dine solsikker!
Jeg er hermed dit nyeste medlem på bloggen ☺