29 July 2011

Making Patterns

So, I have bitten the bullet and done what I never thought I would do.
I am opening my own (teeny-tiny) shop-corner here on the internet, and am, as of today, now, beginning to sell patterns.

I have also 'opened' the left-hand margin of this blog. On it, you will find links to my shop. Each picture will be a link to the shop-page, and on the shop-page, the head-line for each pattern will take you to the blog-posts that are relevant for the pattern.

I know there is only one pattern for sale right now, but there will be more. In the fullness of time.
Do not, however expect to see it next week or the one after. I not only design and make patterns, I see some in my life too, and one of the recurrent patterns is, that every time I believe I have plenty of time and energy for something, something else happens that throws a spanner in the works, and it all goes to pot.
So don't hold your breath for the next one, just ... keep your fingers crossed.

The first pattern is called Tea Roses.
Size of quilt : 48 x 66"
Uses Inklingo Collection #3 for templates.

The pattern uses 10" squares (actually, it uses a Layer Cake), but can be made with F/16s too, or scraps from your stash.

If you encounter problems with either buying or using the pattern, please contact me :
tildebinger (at) paradis (dot) dk
This is my new shop e-mail, so everything sent to that addy will go directly into a separate folder, and I can deal with it momentarily (if I am awake, at home, and by the computer)

This, first pattern is launched with a sale-price of only 7.50 US $
After August 15th, it will be normally priced, and will set you back 9 US $

IF you are living in Denmark, and buying from there, please use the Danish Kroner option in the shop. Here the price - until August 15th - is 39 kroner.

What you get :

A pdf-file (you need to print it out yourself) containing 12 pages, with fabric- (and other) requirements, notes on how to make the block, Inklingo printing tables, and a lot of words.


Cathi said...

Congratulations, Tilde!! This is such a beautiful quilt and a great one for a pattern!

Charlsey said...

Congratulations. The quilt is wonderful. Good luck with your patterns.

Elly D said...

Congratulations Tilde !!! This is a beautiful quilt. Off to look at the pattern now ;)) Thank you for doing this. hugs Elly

svelder said...

Congratulations! This is just another avenue to great Inklingo patterns and it's all figured out for us, horray! :)

JaNaye said...

Yeah! I'm on my way now to look at the pattern website and purchase the pattern.

Nancy said...

Love the pattern. I just purchased it. Can't wait to get started. Thanks.

Laura said...

Fabulous for you to step out! And such a gorgeous first pattern too!

Cathie in UT said...

A lovely start to your new venture!
Makes me wish I had CD 3 but for now I will just have to enjoy it virtually

Pat D said...

The best of luck with this Tilde! I purchased the pattern yesterday and started washing some fabrics, hope to get to printing today!

Pat D

teresa said...

Congrats Tilde. I really love this one. I will buy the pattern as soon as I get home. Thanks for doing this.