06 July 2011

200th post and the ugliest backing in the world

Yep. This is (according to blogger, at least) my post # 200 on this blog.
Took some time to get here, but now it has arrived.

And I have been pondering what to do; keep quiet and pretend nothing special happened, have a big bash with loads of prizes or a medium sized give-away. It is the latter. A medium-size give-away. BUT to qualify to enter, there are conditions, but first a bit of an explanation :

On your right is a picture of what is possibly the ugliest backing in the world. It is certainly the ugliest backing I have ever contemplated putting on a quilt; its main merit is, that it is fabric from the shelves and that together, they represent a little more space for some of the good stuff I actually want.

It is strange that it turned out this ugly, because each individual fabric in the mix is quite nice ... well, was quite nice before they were put together. But the sum of the parts is ... worse than I ever imagined it could be.
BUT, beauty (and hideousness) is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder, so this is where we close in on the give-away :

To enter the give-away, you need to somehow publish a picture of your ugliest quilt to date (back or front), on your blog or in an online photo-album. Once it is published, you go back to this post, and leave a comment with a link to your ugliest endavour, and you're in !
The prize ?
The prize is a 25 $ gift-certificate to an on-line quilt-shop of your choice. Yes. My ingenuity falls short of deciding what you want, so a gift-certificate it is.

Comment, with a link to a picture of your ugliest quilt (back or front) before July 15th, where I will do the draw. And remember, the prize is anything you can get for 25 $ at your favourite, on-line quiltshop :-)

And just so it won't all be ugly : Here's a picture of the finished Field of Flowers top. I swear to you, it kicks more a ... donkey in real life than it does in this picture ... is more alive, if you will. And looks nicer. DD - who has already claimed this quilt - loves the front, but hates the backing. Too bad. If she wants one, she'll get the other. The good thing about the combination - I've told her - is, that in the fullness of time, she'll be able to tow the quilt everywhere without worrying that it gets dirty or torn on the back :-) A few patches to mend it could not possibly make it any uglier than it is already.

Made with Inklingo Drunkard's Path and 6" Sunflower collections.


martha said...

I love this quilt. I even love the backing! I think oddball backings are the best. I
I have so many ugly quilts I cant even begin to pick the ugliest. I will have to go find some pictures.
Congrats on you 200th post!

Hanne said...

Lovely quilt Tilde - and happy anniversary!
I am not going for the prize - I think I can piece a backing or 10 myself, from not so pretty fabrics - and all the ugly quilts are long gone ;-)

Mary Anne said...

Hi Tilde:

I love your quilt, both front and back. I love Linda's inklingo, but have to finish odd balls that I am making. Am able to use some of her shapes in those quilts.

Hope you get you Basement sorted out. Water is so nasty unless you are doing something that is useful.

Love Mary Anne

Chookyblue...... said...

juts here to celebrate your 200 posts......it's always exciting to reach a post milestone......

don't worry about the back you hardly see it.........the front is lovely

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 200 posts and the finishing of another beautiful quilt!
I am sorry to report I have nothing to enter for the give-away. I only ever finished two quilts, and there is nothing ugly about them ;-)
Hugs, Anneke in Rotterdam