09 January 2010

Mother's little helper

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is pretty hard to get to the cutting-board.
Particularly when kitty Josephine (called "Feeneh") takes an interest.

She has become very sticky these past days, which is understandable, since our black cat was put down on the 2nd (unavoidable), and the rabbit moved out of here and in with another family yesterday. So ... from 3 critters to just one in less than a week ... makes for an extremely confused and sticky fur-baby.
To an extent where even my sewing becomes interesting. Usually, she only takes an interest when she can lie down in peace on the project, but now, even the component parts have appeal.

Good thing that no rotary-cutter was in action.

The block on the cutting-board is one of the upcoming blocks on the Inklingo Sampler.

Northumberland Star, Barbara Brackmann's Encyclopedia of Pieced Blocks # 2901b


Cathi said...

She's so pretty! Probably needs some reassurance that she's staying put. Kitties love to help move around fabric pieces! :-)

Cindy said...

Poor thing! She probably misses her furry companions as I'm sure you must, also. I know my two canine fur-babies are inseparable. When separated for whatever reason, the one left behind is also very clingy. That's okay, though, as he/she really doesn't understand what is going on and it feels good to offer comfort in some way. At least there is always the sewing room to keep them entertained...