13 January 2010

Dresden Plate ????

As this is written, I have beaten Cathi !!!
She is always (and I do mean ALways) the first person to publish a block when a new Inklingo-collection out, but this time, I seem to be the first person to publish a picture of a block made with Linda Franz's new so-called Dresden Plate Collection !

Let me be frank, just between you and me and the internet :-) Had I not known Linda well enough to check out anything new she publishes, this one would have gone by unnoticed by yours truly.
I don't like Dresden Plates.
Sorry, but there it is. I know that many people love them, but ... that's why they have both chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream
ANYway. Dresden Plates leaves me pretty cold, but this one ! I couldn't resist it. And even though I am not good freinds with my sewing-machine, and I don't do curves, it is completely (!) machine-pieced. I haven't got a clue what the block is called, and I know I could have done it far more precisely with hand-piecing, but I love it. Karen K. Stone has a quilt with blocks like this (tho' more colourful) called Missisippi Wheel of Fortune.


teresa w said...

Tilde ~ that looks fantatic! Such fun ~ I printed a bunch of blades this morning but then I had to work)-:

Hope to play a bit tonight
Teresa / IL

Elly D said...

Looks good to me Tilde, you did a great job there with your machine ;)

Kim D. said...

Beautiful!! I like all the blocks in that collection. I'm with you for some reason I've never really liked the dresden plate, but it's grown on me in the past 6 months. I made several table toppers for Christmas gifts.

Pat from FL and MI said...

All I can say is WOW! I really must learn to use Inklingo!

martha said...

o the possibilities! looks like an amazing collection.

Shasta said...

Wow, it is beautiful. I like dresden plate, but that looks much more complicated and hard.

Meredith said...

Wow you did that by mahine. It looks great. I am actually cutting out a dresden plate the last couple of weeks. It will be my first one.