19 August 2009

Passacaglia # 7

Well ... took me a few days to get this one finished. Life sort-of happened.
In a good way ! but still.
It is slightly soiled and messy-looking (most visible on the soft-pink centre row), because our eldest cat decided to nap on the partially finished block, and she is a black cat, who sheds a lot of hair, AND she drools when she sleeps.
Never mind. Once this quilt is finished, it will be washed thoroughly, and now that the block is finished, it will be soaked in lukewarm water, just to get the worst of it out.
I particularly like the way the soft-pink looks as if it has been superimposed on the green, and that there is a complete green square under the pink.

... and then it's on to # 8 :-)
I'll be back !

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I love watching these blocks come together. This one is fabulous -- love the effect with the green centre!