12 August 2009

Passacaglia # 5

Well ... I am having a ball, aren't I :-)

I must say, that this one does not please me very well. Actually, I think I quite dislike it. BUT, it is done, and will probably end up in the quilt anyway. The fabric for the centre-squares was not placed completely correctly, so they only fit really well two and two, and this little bit of being off sort-of messes it all up ... plus, the pink of the outer diamonds does not blend well with the pink of the centre motiv.
Oh, well. Live and learn. Block # 5 is finished. On to block # 6 :-D


Loretta said...

Wow, Tilde, even with the imperfections you see this is quite a dramatic block. You are having such fun. It is fun for us to see.

Elly D said...

Tilde you are hard on yourself :) this block looks perfectly good to me :)) with lots of character :)
You are having fun with these and they are all looking wonderful together :) hugs Elly