15 July 2009

Super Karla is finished !

The Super Karla shawl is finished.

It was loads of fun to knit, and perfect for someone as impatient and easily bored as myself.
Lots of different lace-patterns in there, so ... might be said to be a sort-of lace-knitting sampler.
I added an extra row of squares, because I had lots of yarn left when I had finished the last full row of squares in the pattern. IF you decide to knit it, 2 skeins of Noro's Kureyon Sock-yarn will get you there with the pattern as it is.

Since I added another row of squares, I broke into the third skein for the border ... but not until then !

Materials : Kureyon Sock-yarn from Noro, 3.5 mm needles, and pattern from Karen Noe.

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Jody said...

Beautiful, Tilde!! You are so talented!!