05 May 2008

May goals

I'm back from my road-trip. Great and stress-free. No kids. No DH. No cats. No rabbit. Just me to consider. Sleeping in. Buying fabric (yes). Stopping at sights and get an icecream. Moving on when I felt like it.
Very nice. I think I'll repeat it soon :-)

Above is how far the Indigo-and-Shirtings quilt got before I went away. Time to focus on it again ... which leads me to my May goals ... sewing-wise, that is. I like to set up goals for me. Not too hard or demanding. Just enough to help me keep at it. And this May, my goals are to keep on keeping on with the following :
  1. Indigo and shirtings (with the provisionary name of "Perfectly good").
  2. Boxed stars
  3. Lollipop Trees
That's 3 big quilts. I hope (plan) to at least finish the Indigo-and-Shirtings top this month, and to move the two others forward.

I have started applique'ing the first Lolipop-block and ... whoah ... that's the easiest and fastest applique I have ever done in my life. HUGE bits :-) and next to no tricky inner points that frays and acts up. I am beginning to think this top might be finished in less than 5 years :-)

Oh, and via a comment on a previous post, I found out that there are at least 4 others out there in blog-land doing Lollipop trees : Kathie over at "Inspired by Antique Quilts", and her freinds at "Sew Easily Distracted", "Canterbury Quilts" and "Will Work for Fabric".
Now, what I find really ... interesting :-) is, that these 4 seem to be doing Dear Jane blocks (and I am a Jane ... have one finished full-size Jane-quilt, and lots of small ones), AND they are doing Feathered Stars. I have not started on a Feathered Star quilt / block yet, but ... I recently acquired Marsha McCloskey's book, and look forward to doing (at least) one.


Kathie said...

Oh and you forgot that Patty and I are doing the Salinda Rupp quilt too!
we work on blocks for a week and put it away for a month or so then work on something different.
they will get done
Yes we do make projects in between too
keeps everything interesting!!! this week for me its civil war diary and Dear Jane blocks. Made 3 backings for 3 queen size quilts to give to the machine quilter to quilt 2 and baste one for me to hand quilt....
so see I do get quilts done!
enjoy your projects each and every one of them!

The Calico Cat said...

Love that blue & white quilt!

MGC said...

very nice blue and white quilt, I love the simple look, the effect is magic!
MArie (france)