09 May 2008

Half Square Triangles with Inklingo

What do you do with an excess of muslin cut-offs. They are good quality, but I have no clue which ones (if any) tie in to the other muslins I have on my shelves.

First : wash the fabric. I live with 2 teen-agers, 2 cats, and a rabbit. It has probably been washed, but heaven alone knows who has been in it since then ... with what.
So, washed it is.

Iron freezer-paper to the right side of it. No, wait, this is muslin, so it really doesn't matter which side it is. Now, for the sake of frugality, I ought to cut custom-sizes of the freezer-paper, to give me the best use of both fabric and freezer-paper, but I really can't be bothered.

Trim the fabric from the edges of the freezer-paper.

Re-iron the edges and corners (just to be on the safe side)

Pop your Inklingo, shape-collection # 2 into the 'puter (no picture. I tried, but I am *not* a good photograper)

Print 1½" half-square triangles (HST). Inklingo gives you the finished size, so what comes out will finish at 1½". Printed, each shape will be more like 2½", but ... that includes seam-allowance on all sides :-) I have chosen to print this sheet of muslin in Inklingo colour # 02. I probably could get away with using the lightest colour (# 00), but ... my eyes are becoming middle-aged :-) besides, it doesn't seem to show on the front. Still, the lines are not nearly as visible in the picture as they are in real life :-)

Repeat the above as desired.

Layer with coloured fabric
Sew along the dotted lines
Cut apart on the un-dotted lines. Trim.
You are now ready to roll, making some of the many blocks that are possible with HST.

The real beauty of this is, that there is no measuring. No cut-off points (if you've followed the sewing-lines). Perfect size. Every time !!!
And *that* is why I love Inklingo.
Preparation is extremely fast, and the results are as close to perfect as it can be, if I just follow the lines :-)

And honestly ? My opinion is, that Inklingo is bloody brilliant (pardon my French).

P.S. You can download a free trial-version of Inklingo right here. And yes, it is a LeMoyne star, and yes, it has triangles, 45-degree diamonds and squares. Lots of shapes for you to enjoy.


Chookyblue...... said...

have no idea what this is but would love to give it a try so throw my name into the draw.......thanks

Lissa Jane said...

pardon my french, but this does sound bloody brilliant... I have heard peoples talk about inklingo and it intrigues me, never seen it here or advertised here in Australia, just mentioned on the odd blog, and was wondering what the heck peoples was talking about! so please count me into this draw!
I am on holidays next week wont be back to the 22/5 but I'll be sure to check you out!


Marianne said...

Hi Tilde,

I have wanted to try Inklingo since I joined the WIProducers list and "heard" everyone talking about it. Would love to win a ready-made trial!

Marianne Kotch
Barre, Vermont, USA

sbonetsue said...

I can't believe I am the first to leave a comment. I would love to win this giveaway, I have been hearing about Inklingo for awhile but don't know anyone who actually owns it. I would love to check it out before I might take the leap to purchase it. Thanks for the chance.

martha said...

Hallo dearie, I am just popping in to say hi:)
I think your indigo boxes are brilliant. I also love inklingo. hmmm what size would you need to make four and a half inch squares with I wonder.
Another cup of coffee and then I am away to work....much love. and please come to see me in new york soon.
Ps you don't need to put me in the drawing, lol. I am fabric happy!

Penny Jones said...

I enjoy your website and would love to win the Inklingo items your giving away. I would like to try before I buy - but will probably buy shortly anyway. Keep up the wonderful blog!

Penny Jones

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Inklingo before so this post was educational for me. It looks like you are getting great results with it. Re the giveaway, I know postage to the US will be high so if I win and its too expensive to send, pick another winner. I enjoyed learning about the Inklingo process.

Berit said...

I would love a piece of inklingoprinted muslin,Tilde!

Sandy Green said...

TIlde, I am very close to ordering Linda's Inklingo and would like to try before I buy. By the way my Birthday is May 16th this would make a nice gift.....
Sandy in Toronto

Theresa said...

Hmmm, seems my original comment went away as I was resetting my password; but in any case, add me to your drawing please. Thanks

Sølvi said...

I would love to try out one of htis printed muslins. Sølvi i Trondheim