20 April 2008

Two Inches Wide - again

Well, you have now seen the big diamond-quilt "The Advantages of Natural Folly", and one or two might remember the layout I had on my designwall, using some of the full-size diamonds that didn't make it into the big quilt, and some half-size ones as well. The working-title of that one is "(two inches wide)" seeing that that is indeed the size of the smaller diamonds.
Well, the top is almost finished. Still needs the final border.

And yes, the small diamonds used to "set" the larger ones are really only 2" wide. And each side is 2" too. Half-size.
I put it together on the machine. Not my favourite way of doing things, and there are points that do not meet as perfectly as they would have done, had I put it together by hand.
So, not perfect, but - with the words of a fellow struggler against UFOs - perfectly good.

And then I had the inspiration to take the top out into our tiny yard, to set off the colours with the spring-colours found in the yard right now ... and this is what happened :

Rabbit was told "munch and die" so ... after a little while she pottered off the top, and I could put it back on the safety of the wall.
What is it with critters and quilts ?


Chookyblue...... said...

wonderful quilts.......

Lissa Jane said...

this is lovely... really lovely.. not sure what it is about critters and quilts, but I could bet the house on it the MINUTE I put a quilt on the ground to look at, a CAT is on it.. our dog sneaks inside and she'll be found on a quilt.. I guess they get the same tactile thing we do.... or maybe that zombie like thing we get when we visit the quilt shop! LOL


Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a wonderful quilt...lots of hard work there! I think your bunny must think she's a cat...that's a very cat like pose in that picture!

MGC said...

wonderful, i love it!
Marie (france)

Anonymous said...


I love every quilt on your blog, you have given me a lot of inspiration to get on with my work.
christine Australia

wendyjsblog said...

Thanks for the inspiration to attack my ufos, have been in a bad place regarding my own list of ufos.Your work is beautiful, and you are obviously very productive.
I spend way too much time admiring all the goodies in cyberspace!
By the way love the scarf pattern, is this a commercial pattern?
Keep up the good work and thanks
Wendy UK