25 October 2012

Setting blocks - To the Point

Blocks on point.

Works with blocks up to 7" square
Uses the Hunter's Star 12" collection, AND the Hunter's Star 9" collection (for the triangle)

Cheat-sheet for the setting for one 6" block (finished size)

 Log-cabin the block (if necessary, see picture in yesterday's post.

Trim down to (unfinished size) 8,25" square

For the following : DO NOT sew into the seam-allowance at the corners. Stop at the cross-hair.

Add a trapezoid shape to one of the (shorter) edges of the triangle, so that the angled side of the trapezoid flushes with the angled side of the triangle

Add another trapezoid-shape to the other (shorter) edge of the triangle.
Again : The angled side of the trapezoid should flush with the angled side of the triangle, once it is pieced and pressed.

Join the angled edges at the 'top' of the triangle.

Make 4 identical pieced triangles

Add the corners to the log-cabined block.


And Finished.

24 October 2012

Setting blocks - the Straight and Narrow

Blocks on straight.
Works with blocks up to 8" square
Uses the Hunter's Star 12" collection, AND the Leaf Sashing 4.5" collection (for the triangle)

Cheat-sheet for the setting of one 6" block (finished size).

The beauty is, that this setting will work for blocks up to 8.25" square. The necessary adjustment is made on the plain strips that border the block-proper, and the important part is, that once it has been bordered, and trimmed, but before adding the units containing the trapezoids and the triangles, it needs to have a finished size of 8.84" square ( = 9.34" unfinished).

What is more. If you have a set of blocks, that should be 'same size' but aren't, you can hide quite substantial differences in size with this setting, because the setting in and of itself will make a secondary pattern to draw interest away from the different sizes.
As always, photographing inklingo-printed fabric is not easy. However, if you have trouble seeing what I'm writing about, try clicking on the picture to enlarge it.

Log-cabin the block with strips of the same fabric you're using for the triangles.

Trim down to 9.375 (UNfinished size)

For the following : DO NOT sew into the seam-allowance at the corners. Stop at the cross-hair.

Sew a trapezoid to one side of each triangle.
Press away from triangle.

 Make 4 identical strips

Add a pieced strip to each side of the log-cabined block

Piece the corners.

Now, the corners are made with inset seams, but since you have not sewn into the seam-allowances at the corners, but have stopped at the cross-hairs, this should not be a problem !
If you baulk at the thought of doing inset seams, try checking Linda Franz's All About Inklingo Blog.
This is where you (among many other treasures) can find the video on how to stitch hexagons on your sewing-machine.
Use the same principles, and you should be good.


And you're finished !

P.S. The block shown in this post is actually 6.25" finished size, and not 6". The only difference between this one, and a 6" block is, that you will trim off a bit more of the fabric you use to log-cabin the block proper.
That is all.

23 October 2012

Setting blocks

Remember the Inklingo Sampler blog?
It started out with lots of 5 and 6" blocks, with a few blocks that were larger than 6". Now, with the arrival of the brand new Inklingo 12" Hunter's Star collection, and the trapezoid shape found there, you can set a number of differenet block-sizes, both on point and on straight, and still have a uniform expression to the quilt.

... it also has the added bonus, that even a quite small number of smallish blocks, can become a big quilt with a fairly small effort.

I'll try to show you some options over the next two posts. And yes, I'm splitting it up into multiple posts, because if I didn't, this would be one, monster-post.

To whet your interest, here is a picture of some blocks using the settings I'll try to make a write-up for in the next couple of days.

P.S. And if you want to make sure you don't miss the write-ups, you can follow this blog, either by 'following' or subscribing by e-mail, links to both in the right-hand column.

18 October 2012

Making out with BOB - the end

I don't think I ever showed this one off. But I assure you, it was finished during lent of 2012.
Making out with BOB (Bag of Blocks), made of sundry 'loose blocks' and fabric from stash, supplemented with newly printed Inklingo-shapes to make it all fit together.
There are 6" blocks, 4.5" blocks, old and new, hexagon flowers, triangles, and fabrics old and new.

... and I love it. Frankly, I do. It is simply quilted. Straight lines. On the machine. By me.
And it has become a favourite cuddle-up-on-the-couch quilt for everyone, because it is neither too big to be cumbersome or too small to be useless.

P.S. I used the pink-and-blue bunny-toile for the back. It is over the top and absolutely wonderful.